Digital Transformation for Supply Chains

Rethink operations | Create visibility | Gain control

Digital Supply Chain: Your New Reality

Industry 4.0 is rapidly transforming the supply chain industry.

Supply chain leaders now face new challenges, including increasing environmental concerns, more and more complex operations, and growing demands for visibility & accountability from all partners.

At the same time, digital transformation opens up substantial new opportunities for innovative supply chain leaders who find a way to combine, connect, and capitalize on emerging technologies.

To drive digital transformation for supply chain leaders, we have developed comprehensive solutions that bring the core components of digital supply chain to life—fast, simple, and complete.

Digital Supply Chain: End-to-End Solutions

Our digital solutions transform every step of the traditional supply chain. We provide the tools, workflows, and industry best practices required to:

Here’s how.

Digital Supply Chain: Our Approach

We provide holistic solutions for digital supply chains.

Each of our digital supply chain solutions combine:

Solution Spotlight: fathom Supply

fathom Supply gives you an industrial IoT software platform that meets the end-to-end needs of supply chain management.

Using our platform, you will monitor your entire supply chain— both as a holistic system, and as a series of isolated steps and components that you can monitor, manage, and optimize one-at-a-time.

With fathom Supply, you will gain:


Predict demand. Avoid downtime. Increase efficiency.

Our digital production services give you the ability to:


Improve accuracy. Increase visibility. Prevent stocking issues.

Our digital inventory services give you the ability to:


Increase visibility. Eliminate bottlenecks. Improve efficiency.

Our digital logistics services give you the ability to: