Enterprise AI Platform​​

We design and build a custom-made AI Platform that best fit your data and use cases

AI application suites

Rapid Application Development


End-to-end DataOps life cycle


Data Integration and Ingestion

Connect your data fathom AI Platform can easily access a wide variety of data connectors (Built-in connectors, cloud, on-prem, modern and legacy systems and public APIs to build custom connectors


Data Preparation and Enrichment

Extract, transform, load (ETL) for Batch and streaming data low-code no-code ETL framework to create repeatable data transformation pipelines

Data Lineage/Data Versioning Supports Data Lineage/Data Versioning for data governance best practices specifically designed to successfully manage and deliver AI projects at scale

Data labeling and Annotation Supports Videos, Images, Text,Audio and Time series collaborative labeling and annotation for machine learning

GPU-Accelerated Supports GPU-acceleration for ultra-fast data processing speed


Exploratory Data Analysis and Visualization

The platform offers low-code and no-code Exploratory Data Analysis

Understand your data
Discover patterns
Investigate your data
Spot anomalies
Analyze and summarize your data 
A Fully Executed Digital Strategy

The platform offers low-code and no-code Exploratory Data Analysis

Uncover the insights hiding in your high-dimensional data

Analyze, and visualize your data with speed, power, and flexibility Visualize your data quickly, easily, and beautifully

Flexible tools for representing geospatial, time series, and connected data


End-to-end MLOps life cycle

Feature Engineering and Store

Our platform help Data Engineers with the process of  Feature Engineering raw data  including

Feature Reuse Across Organization

Feature Store lets teams organize the features in such a way that it can be reused in many projects

Streamline Model Training and Serving

Use the same feature definitions for training and serving. Feature Store is the fastest path to operationalizing analytic data for model training and online inference


Model Interpretation and Deployment

Model Monitoring

Monitor your machine learning and deep learning models in Production via low-code & no-code environment

Ensure your model is performing well on the new data in production

Detect input changes in feature distribution (Data Drift)

Detect output changes in target and feature behavior (Target Drift)

Model Governance

Platform Services