Our Solutions

We provide holistic, tailored solutions that make life easier for your unique industry, organization, and day-to-day operations.

Your Challenges, Our Solutions

Industrial leaders face a complex web of challenges and opportunities. They work within a rapidly changing environment, one where anything could evolve overnight— their competition, their business model, or their operational constraints.

They can no longer depend on rigid, narrow, out-of-the-box software and services to drive their day-to-day work. They must leverage solutions that are as flexible, interconnected, and adaptable as their new operating environment.

We provide these solutions.

Our Solutions

Every fathom solution is a portfolio of software platforms, domain knowledge, and analytics.

By drawing from each portfolio element, we can evaluate and solve your complex challenges from multiple angles.

By following this modular, flexible, and holistic approach, we craft unique solutions that meet your unique needs.

Let’s review each portfolio component in more depth.

Our Software Platform

Our platform—Precocity—provides the technological foundation for every one of our solutions.

Precocity is a scalable, extensible, and collaborative platform that can integrate with your existing infrastructure & applications, and connects all of your devices & data sources into one central hub.

Precocity can incorporate all emerging Industry 4.0 technologies, including IoT, AI, and Big Data Analytics. Our platform is flexible, and will grow as you increase the volume of your users and scope of your deployment.

Our Domain Knowledge

We provide subject matter experts with deep knowledge of your industry, operations, and challenges.

Our experts will study your situation, select the appropriate portfolio elements, and develop a solution that meets your needs perfectly.

We provide complete digital transformation advisory services that can prepare your legacy systems, processes, and infrastructure for the demands of digital manufacturing, and our experts can walk you through every step of solution design, implementation, and evolution.

Our Data Analytics

We work hand-in-hand with your in-house teams to derive value from the wealth of data generated by your operations.

We act as partners with your own technical experts and help them solve very advanced and highly-specific problems that they lack the bandwidth to solve on their own.

Our teams of data experts can help your people sort through every stage of analytics, including managing your data assets, preparing your data, funnelling it into your solution, and producing clear data-driven insights & answers.

Our Solution Suite

To date, we have developed bespoke solutions for five industrial verticals.

While each of our solutions leverages a core set of features, workflows, and user roles, we are able to customize every aspect of each of our solutions to fit hand-in-glove with your unique context.

We can create entirely new algorithms, software, and processes that will integrate into your existing frameworks.

Ultimately we will create a 100% unique deployment of each of our solutions to meet your highly specialized needs.