Oil & gas companies required to be more agile and dynamic with the market changes, Geopolitical risk, constrained capital, energy transition, and other threads. We deliver smart solutions to manage operational data efficiently and optimize overall performance through data analytics and machine learning applications in a unified single software platform.

Research and consulting companies shows digital technologies may increase production  rate and asset lifetime, reduce the cost of production per barrel, and improve oil and gas value chain. Fathom Solutions™ can be your partner in the digital journey to address the current challenges by providing industrial software platform, and advanced applications suites and consulting services that optimize operations cost-efficiently, minimize risk, maximize assets lifetime and improve the bottom-line efficiently for the oil and gas companies.

Fathom™ Oil and Gas solutions offers four types of packaged services Software Suite, Oil Fields Technologies Integration, Consulting and Engineering Services, Automation and Monitoring.

Fathom™ Wells is integrated well production performance management and optimization software platformSuite for oil producers.

It is real-time monitoring, control, optimization software platform that improve production rate and run-life of the assets by providing the optimum production rate of the well and reducing unplanned failure events through advanced applications and data analytics that identifying bottlenecks, data inconsistencies, liquid loading and uplift potential.

Fathom™ Well has advanced applications and analytics, typically developed specifically for each client, provide a solution to ongoing operational and engineering problems our clients face.

Production optimization consulting and engineering services:

1-  Integrated asset modeling consulting

2-  Asset optimization

3-  Oil Fields technologies integration

4- Digital Oilfield: Monitoring, Analysis and Optimization

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Digital Upstream

Fathom™ Pipelines is Pipeline Performance Management software platform suite offers comprehensive management and optimization for entire pipeline networks through advanced management of pipeline integrity and operations.

It provides a deeper understanding of pipeline operations by connecting all systems, data sources, equipment, users and engineering solutions in an integrated platform that have advanced applications and analytics capabilities to provide an operational insight near-real-time basis to make decisions proactively, efficiently and promptly.

Fathom™ Pipelines has categorized the advanced applications into two knowledge domain which is advanced pipeline operations and pipeline integrity management.

Engineering and Consulting Services:

1-  Pipeline Integrity management system assessment (PiMS) and strategy recommendation

2-  Training

3-  Advisory

Digital Midstream

Internet of Things platforms and technologies will open up major opportunities for improved asset performance, new service offerings, improved operational efficiency, and completely new ways of offering smart solutions. Digital transformation of the industrial sector has begun.  Whether it's called Industrial Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, or Digitization.  Fathom Precocity™ provides robust, scalable, adaptable Industrial IoT platform software platform that connects data and automates operation processes and procedures and creates a smart solution through artificial intelligence (AI) applications and big data value.

Fathom Solutions™ use the functionality and processing power of Precocity platform to apply all the knowledge-based processing for each application suite of each industry.

Smart manufacturing

Smart manufacturing will transform the oil refining and petrochemical sector into a connected, information-driven environment. Using real-time and high-value support systems, smart manufacturing enables a coordinated and performance-oriented manufacturing enterprise that responds quickly to customer demands and minimizes energy and material usage, while radically improving sustainability, productivity, innovation, and economic competitiveness.

Smart Water

Fathom™ enhancing the smart grid development for the management of water resources.
Innovative Infrastructure for the Challenges of the future- Einstein Center Digital-Systems – Chair Water 4.0- New projects: IoT / Big Data / Tele Control / etc- Real time control and operation-Decision support systems-Smart asset management-Optimized data handling-Early warning systems-Smart metering -Cyber security

Smart Utility

An enterprise-wide software platform to manage the smart metering data and Integrate Distributed Energy Resources (DER) power plant, renewables and other into the grid, and applying smart technologies for actionable business intelligence decision

Smart Supply Chain

Smart technology solutions and services with Internet-of-Things IoT, Artificial Intelligence AI and Cloud Technologies to the supply chain management industry

Precocity™ is an Industrial IoT software platform that connects data and automates operation processes and procedures, integrated systems and creates a smart solution through artificial intelligence (AI) applications and big data analytics.

It has three layers, Orchestrator module to manage the communication layer, Coordinator module to manage the data management layer for data flow. Optimizer module to develop and manage analytics and applications layer.

Fathom Solutions™ use the functionality and processing power of Precocity platform to apply all the knowledge-based processing for each applications suite of each industry.

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