Fathom Platform™

A Unified Platform for Industry 4.0

The Missing Piece of Your
Digital Transformation

fathom Precocity gives you a scalable, flexible, and extendable industrial IoT platform. We built Precocity to bring our 3 Pillar Digital Transformation Framework to life. 


Insights: Precocity unifies and captures all of your organization’s data into a single hub, and gives you real-time visibility into your operations.


Answers: Precocity includes embedded algorithms that apply complex, real-time events processing and real-time KPI management to your data.


Empowerment: Precocity gives you & your workforce the tools they need to rapidly collaborate, make decisions, and execute critical tasks.

Why You Need Precocity

fathom Precocity provides a single, unified industrial IoT platform that can deliver a full digital transformation of your operational environment, your tool sets, and your day-to-day processes.

Our platform collects & processes the massive volume of data you generate, provides next-generation software & workflows, and simplifies the complexity of your technology-driven enterprise.

Precocity gives you a single home for every technology solution you currently deploy—including both legacy and digital solutions—and ensures every corner of your organization can communicate, collaborate, and evolve to complete your digital transformation.











How Precocity Works

We designed fathom Precocity as a horizontal, modular platform that can be adapted to encompass every major component of Industry 4.0.

Our platform will:

Precocity: The Key to Industry 4.0

fathom Precocity adapts itself to meet the unique needs of any industrial vertical. So far, we have leveraged Precocity to develop bespoke solutions for five verticals.

For each vertical, fathom Precocity delivers: